An Apocalyptic Book (Part 7) – Revelation Chapter 13

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The Book of Revelation begins by stating it is a “revelation of Jesus Christ.” The revelation is from Jesus Christ and about Him. While the details contained therein are very important, the reader will get an even greater appreciation of the central message by considering the macro view. The book is filled with drama and punctuated by pauses that point the reader to Heaven. The following sections are like acts in a play that carry the reader to the dramatic ending. Notice the Heaven and Earth motif. When the events on earth become progressively more hostile, the book pauses to transport the reader to Heaven where Jesus is the central figure (Rev. 4-5). The reader is assured that God is in control. All is well. This pattern repeats throughout the book.

Earth 1:4-3:22
Heaven 4:1-5:14
Earth 6:1-17
Pause 7:1-17
Heaven 8:1-5
Earth 8:6-11:14
Heaven 11:15-12:17
Earth 13:1-18
Heaven 14:1-20
Earth 15:1-18:24
Heaven 19:1-16
Earth 19:17-21
Heaven 20:1-15
Heaven and Earth 21:1-22:21



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